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$25 Amazon or PayPal Have You Seen My Tail Book Blast 8/21 

$10 Amazon and Dependent Book US 8/21 

$10 Amazon + ebook Horror Business 8/21

$25 Amazon or PayPal Uncovering Cobbogoth Blog Tour 8/24 

5 Winners! Harvey Prince Journey Perfume US 8/25

$50 Amazon or PayPal The Reckoning Book Blast 8/27 

2 Books Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop US 8/27

$50 Amazon or PayPal The Pen Pieyu Adventures Book Blast 8/28 

$25 Amazon or PayPal The Hero's Sword Book Blast 8/29 

3 Winners of Popcorn Towers US 8/30 

Fantastic Fishing Prize US 8/30

Kindle Fire HDX (US) $229 Amazon or PayPal (INT) 8/31

$25 Amazon Card 8/31

Audio Download of a Harry Potter Book 3 Win 9/1

Jamberry Nails Mani/Pedi US 9/1

$25 Amazon or PayPal The Secret of the Scarab Book Blast 9/2 

$75 Gift Card to Fulcrum Gallery US 9/4

$25 Amazon or PayPal Whip Eye Book Blast 9/6 

$50 Amazon or PayPal Guardians The Girl Book Blast 9/7 

Popcorn Factory Back to School US 9/8

50th Anniversary Mustang Clock and Thermometer US 9/8

$50 Amazon or PayPal At First Sight Book Blast 9/9

$50 Amazon or PayPal The King's Ransom Book Blast 9/9

Fledgling Book Giveaway Print US ebook INT 9/12 

$50 Amazon or PayPal Angels Club Book Blast 9/15

Portable DVD Player and DVDs US 9/16 

$50 Amazon or PayPal The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswitch Book Blast 9/16

$30 Amazon or PayPal Finding Fuzzy Book Blast 9/19

Box of Newman's Own Organic Snacks US 9/24 

Baby Book by CanDoBaby App US 9/24 

$25 Gift Card for Hair Accessories and Coverings US 9/24

SafetyTat Child ID Tattoos US 9/25

$250 Visa Gift Card from USSelfStorageLocator US 9/30